Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, yet again! Man, it has been an insane week :D Last Thursday, I went in for (yet more) cortisone injections in my neck. Three on each side *bleh*. However, the good news is that I believe this time they may actually be working! Two days of bed rest would be well worth a pain free neck :D. Second, we woke up Saturday morning to water running in through our basement window. Yep, my sweet three-year-old decided to turn on the hose and leave it on in the window well. So, now our lovely finished family room in the basement looks like this:

Yeah, hubby! You show that carpet pad who's boss!!

Now, in WIP news, I decided to join up with the I'm-not-sure-yet-if-it's-official Crazy Scrappy Quilt Along with Aneela Hoey of Comfortstitching. It looked like a fun way to burn through my ever growing scrap stash, so of course I was in!
This was my first attempt- not sure if it will make the final cut, since it isn't all monochromatic, but it was a fun one to see up on my design wall for a while!

Attempt #2 ( I love having the chance to use some of my very favorite Heather Ross prints for this! I seriously only have about a 6X8 inch piece of each!)

And finally, #3. I think I'm going to love this QAL. I'm enjoying pulling out scraps I forgot I had. Some I LOVE, some are just meh. But it doesn't matter, because I'm really happy with the final product!
I am working on a few other projects, but no pics yet. Go check out what everyone else is doing over at Freshly Pieced!
~Happy Sewing!~


  1. Those Heather Ross blocks are adorable!

  2. Love? I am in love with the little fish in a bag in block 3. Love, love, love.