Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Greetings! I was putting of posting this until later today when I'd finished binding my Synchronized Squares quilt, but then I remembered (duh) that it's Work. In. Progress. Wednesday. Not "Work I've Finished Wednesday". So, here's my progress thus far:

The quilt didn't originally call for sashing, but I added it to make it bigger. It has been a pretty fun pattern, but difficult to get everything to add up. My local JoAnn Fabric store has a problem keeping Kona solids in stock and they ran out of Kona Snow so I had to get a backup fabric because I was too lazy to wait for some (I was in the groove, ya know) so even though the colors match, the 'other' fabric stretched all crazy so some of my squares stretched and made it impossible to line up my seams correctly (grrr). I would care more if this was going to someone else, but since it will be mine to use as another picnic quilt, I am okay with the mess-ups.
AAAAAaaaannnd...guess what I got from Ireland yesterday? My Japanese import fabric swap results! Cindy from Fluffy Sheep Quilting totally delivered on this! I love and have plans for each one of these lovelies!

I got two each of 28 fabrics (if you count there are 27, one pile ended up hidden- oops!)
I swear, some day I will have a camera that will do fabric justice.

A few of my favorites!

This cute little piggy print was my contribution. I found it from a really cute shop on Etsy called "This and That From Japan"
I'm hoping to have more pictures of my Synchronized Squares quilt some time soon.
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~Happy Sewing!~


  1. That quilt looks great and those fabrics are stunning!

  2. Your picnic quilt is so cute! It'll be awesome for lounging around in the grass. And how exciting to get your swap fabrics back in the mail! :)

  3. Your quilt is lovely! You wouldn't know you substituted your original Snow for a Charcoal. It's pretty as it is!

    So glad the charms arrived - enjoy creating something fantastic with them :)

  4. The squares quilt looks great. I think that one would have been a little hard to get just right if you had stretch issues. But I like the addition of the extra sashing.

  5. I love the gray sashing. It really makes the fabrics pop and gives your quilt an anchor color.