Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I've been contemplating joining in with Freshly Pieced and their Work In Progress (W.I.P.) Wednesdays because this would include an actual amount of commitment from me *blush*. However, this is the kick in the pants I need to get some of my unfinished projects done, so here goes!
I started a new project this week. I have been dying to try out the stash buster block from Little Miss Shabby and I finally started cutting out my stash which looked like this:

Then like this (again, my camera is old and crappy- please excuse the less than perfect pictures)

And now a bit more like THIS~
I have actually started the construction of this little beauty, but I will save that for later date. For now, I am happy with my little stacks of perfectly cut squares and the beautiful picnic quilt they will help create.

In further news: We are moving back into our house ( I swear it's a long story) over the next couple of weeks, so the work on these projects will be rather slow, but they are my sanity for when the packing is getting overwhelming! I hope everyone else is working on their W.I.P's today- let me know if you are and what you are doing!
~Happy Sewing~

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