Thursday, May 26, 2011

When it rains, it pours around here

Well, all quilting and sewing projects have been a bit on hold this week due to my poor little Sam burning his hands on the fireplace on Sunday. It was like a bad dream all in slow motion watching him toddle toward the gas fireplace (which had just BARELY been turned on by Kolton, my three-year-old) with his hands outstretched and I knew I couldn't make it across the room in time. His little fat hands were on there for about three seconds and they were grey/white when we rushed him to the ER. Between them and the Burn Clinic at U of U, we have been very blessed to have worked with such an amazing group of doctors and nurses. Anyway, so if you don't hear much from me on the project front for a week or so, I hope you will understand! Between Sam's needs and us moving next week, I'm pretty sure I have my hands full. :D
~Happy Sewing (without me)!~

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