Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello, All!! Remember how in my last post I said something about not working on any projects this week?? Seriously, I have a problem. I have finished TWO (count 'em) quilts since posting that last little tidbit. In my first ever post I mentioned that quilting and sewing in general is my therapy. Well, I guess I needed some time on the proverbial couch because I got right to work and enjoyed every second. The bad part? I am moving tomorrow and there is So-HO much to do that I really can't even justify posting about this- but I will :D
Here is quilt #1- for my dear friend who just adopted a little baby boy after three failed placements (the birthmommies changed their minds). She has two adopted girls and wanted a boy so badly and one day she randomly got a call saying that there was a birth mother in labor in Vegas and she didn't know what the gender was. Well, my friends were the only ones who had not specified a gender preference so they went immediately to the top of the list! Seriously- are adoptive couples really that picky? We didn't care about color or gender, but I guess some people feel that if they have to adopt, it is their prerogative to pick out that stuff. In my opinion, not only should beggars not be choosers, but whatever child is meant for you will come to you no matter what. Kay, ***steps off soapbox***Now on to the QUILT!

So, I based this quilt entirely on THIS quilt featured on Moda Bake Shop by Sarah B Designs. I loved the pattern and I already had the Kona Coal on hand as well as a bunch of blue scraps. Thus this little beauty was born.
I did my first ever attempt at straight line quilting and was pretty happy with how it turned out for my first try. **Gets back on soapbox**I have decided that the imperfections in quilting are what makes it special (provided there aren't too many !! ) If I wanted something perfect, I could purchase it from a mass producer. I love the imperfections in anything hand made. Mr. Polka Dot Apron made our gorgeous bed as well as our sons' cribs and some other various furniture. He showed me where every ding and dent and mess-up is, and I cherish each one because it is what makes that piece unique. But, I digress...back to the issue at hand! (I really have to get a handle on my rantings...)
The binding (gasp) was not hand sewn but zig-zagged. I am moving folks, and that extra touch of perfection was just not gonna happen. All in all, I love how this turned out and I am actually going to start on one with more of the Kona Coal and some green scraps to make for another friend who has two girls (biological, not adopted) and is expecting her first boy! Ironically, she and the gal I made the other quilt for are thick as thieves so I am happy to provide them with semi-identical quilts for their boys!
I will post more about the second quilt a bit later. I am off to finish packing. Heaven help me, I can't WAIT to get into my house again. Remember how I said it was a long story? I'll try to sum it up. We own a house in Northern Utah. My hubby worked right around the corner from said house reading meters for the power company. They automated the meters and he lost his job and had to transfer within the company to a little (understatement) town called Montpelier, Idaho. We were blessed to find renters within a week of us having to move. Hubby applied for a job closer to our house and got it **cheers** so now that their lease is up we get to move back home!
And in Sam update news, he is going in for surgery on Thursday to have the skin grafted on his little hands. Please, if you are the praying type- say a little prayer for my little guy. I will let y'all know how it goes. Happy sewing, y'all!


  1. Bea-uuu-ti-ful quilt!! I am amazed at your multi-tasking abilities!! Hooray for moving back to your home!! Good luck to your little man. I can only imagine how difficult all of this heaped on you can be. I'll be thinking and praying for you and your sweet family!

  2. Tabitha! It is beautiful! I honestly gasped when I saw it. Honestly. You are amazing girl!! Hang in there! Love you!! :)