Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Where has the last week gone? My camera is a cheap-o Kodak dealio and requires a plug-in charger for the battery (which got lost in my move, heaven help me) so I don't have much new to show you, but I'll do my best with photos I can find online to illustrate what I'm talking about! (Holy run-on sentence, Batman!) As you know, I finished my Kaleidoscope Quilt from Don't Call Me Betsy. My first ever Quilt Along and I finished it! It was such a fun pattern to make and I so appreciate the time she put into doing the tutorials and taking the time to comment on everyone's photos in the flickr stream. I will definitely be joining another one of hers if she does one in the future. I also have made progress on my Synchronized Squares quilt from PS I Quilt. I am seriously tempted to use it as my main Quilt on my bed, but I will have to take out the Zoo Animal print from Central Park, since that doesn't really scream 'romance'.

This is the binding for the quilt. I actually have made more progress than this, but my camera needs to be charged first before I can get some pictures posted.
I am starting a new project today for my sons, Kolton and Sam. I bought some adorable fabric from Michael Miller (Beep Beep and Toot Toot) and I am going to combine it with scraps to make THIS quilt that has a tutorial over at Cluck Cluck Sew. How fun is this? My hubby is in the s.l.o.w. process of making a bunk bed for the boys and I can't wait to see how these quilts will look on it!

"Toot Toot"
"Beep Beep"
I am going to combine these main fabrics with scraps of reds, browns, blacks, blues etc. to make it really scrappy.
Well, that is it for WIP Wednesday this week- go check out the others who are linking up over at Freshly Pieced!. One project finished, two in the works. Hopefully soon I will have some new pictures to post. I guess this means I have to clean my house thoroughly to find my camera charger, eh? *sigh* maybe my new project will have to wait a day or so! In happy news, my local Bernina quilt shop is having their usual 5th Saturday Everything-30% off sale this Saturday! Good thing we have a Christmas fund already in place, because that's how I'm paying for all that goodness! I'll show y'all my booty after I go shopping (provided my camera works, of course)
~Happy Sewing!~

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  1. What fun fabric! No wonder you have to use it. :D