Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm baaaaaack!!!

Please excuse my prolonged absence! Life has been a bit insane :D We finally cleaned out our storage area and I have been up to my armpits in boxes (most of them full of stuff to donate- why do I hold on to so much crap?!). I am also trying to take advantage of the lovely weather we have been enjoying with my boys.

Sprinklers are Kolton and Sam's new obsession!

Not to mention I have been busy chasing after this little munchkin!
His hands are doing much better, but as you can see, he still has a lot of tightness from where they put the grafts, so he has to wear a splint every night to keep his hands from curling up permanently.
However, I have not completely given up on sewing! I am on a mission to add some brightness to my house. When we moved in 6 years ago after building this place, tans and browns and blacks and other earth tones were very 'in'. Now, I am dying for some color and don't have the moolah to paint, so I am sewing up some color instead!

Plain white curtains using Kona Snow and Fandango by Kate Spain on my back door.

I am making some new pillows for my brown couches. I used some leftover scraps from JoAnn's as well as Fandango by Kate Spain.
I love how it brightens up the living room a bit!!

I also FINALLY finished up the very first quilt I ever pieced! I started this puppy 8 years ago when I decided to learn how to quilt. There are so many obvious mistakes, but I am so proud to finally have it finished! I gave up on sewing shortly after this and didn't pick it up again (at least the quilting aspect) until this year. I have been sewing costumes for our community theater for years, but it is so nice to have been bitten by the quilting bug again!

And last, but certainly not least, I have cut all my fabric for the Kaleidoscope QAL and began putting it on my design wall (aka- old shower curtain!). I am also in the midst of piecing together my Synchronized Squares QAL blocks. So, though I haven't been blogging, I am still happily sewing away!!! I promise now that things have calmed down a bit to be more on top of my posting. In further news, my Bits O Blocks is being bound today and will be (hopefully!) available to see tomorrow!
~Happy Sewing!~

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