Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bits O Blocks is ready to be basted!

Well, the top is finished! I am going to put a small border around it to give it a bit more body and make it a true crib-sized quilt, but other than that, the hard part (and fun part!) is over! I'm so glad I went with the orange, it really brightens it without it being over the top, I think :D. Anywhoo, the tutorial I used was from the "You Know What I Love?" blog, which is SUCH a fun blog to read and I highly recommend you check it out! She called her's bits and blocks and I called mine Bits O Blocks (I can't help how original I am sometimes...) I altered the pattern a bit by not making my vertical strips different widths, but 2 1/2 inches each, and doing less of them to make a more narrow quilt. I also added some sashing on the top and bottom of each 4-strip block to scrap it up a bit, even though it is all still in the same color- does that make sense? As wonky as it is, I still like to have some consistencies! So, here's the (nearly) final product!


Kolton managed to claim it for himself (and his trains) for a moment while I made sure Sam didn't stick his hands in the toilet (yeesh). He said "Mom, I LOVE this fabric- when you make me a quelt" (His pronunciation) So, I guess I know what my next project is, LOL!
Now onto the ironing and basting!
~Happy Sewing!~


  1. Just popping in to respond to your comment on my blog (blogger is being weird and not emailing me comments). Thanks for the kind words! I love hearing what people think about my blog. Yours is wonderful as well - and I do love that apron you wear in your profile pic! Awesome! :)

  2. oh, this turned out so lovely! i'm so happy you were inspired to create a bits and/o blocks quilt of your own. and thank you for the super sweet words... i'm blushing!