Saturday, June 4, 2011

My First Ever Quilt Along!!

I am finally taking the plunge and joining in a Quilt Along (QAL) hosted by the blog "Don't Call Me Betsy" that I secretly stalk for inspiration. It is a Kaleidoscope pattern and something I have never tried before. Who doesn't need more challenges in life, right?! I have wanted to join a QAL for a long time but a few petty things have held me back. What if everyone laughs at my fabric choices? What if my seams and corners don't line up and EVERYONE notices and never reads my blog again because they have lost faith in my abilities (and by this, I am speaking of my whole 2 followers and the tens of people who have read my blog so far)??? However, I have been looking for an excuse to purchase the Bliss line of fabric from Moda and I feel like this is an really good excuse. I am surrounded by boys in my life, and I truly love it, but I long for girly things around me and this line of fabric just screams feminine. So, I held my breath and pushed "submit order" for a fat quarter bundle of a few of these fabrics:

And now I am squealing inside because I am actually. doing. it!!!!
I will keep you updated on my progress. I can't wait to see it finished and laying across the chair that I plan on putting in my new sewing room, ready for me to snuggle up in on cold days while I peruse the net for quilting inspiration. Wish me luck!
And, in Sam-Bone related news, his surgery went well and now he has a little (5" X 1") stitched up section right along the front of his pelvis to add to his bandaged hands. That is where they took the good skin from to graft onto his hands. He's holding up remarkably well and we 'get' to go in on Monday to check his progress. Thanks for the well wishes I have received on Facebook and via e-mail from many of you. I'll keep you posted.
~Happy Sewing!~


  1. Great job taking the plunge! You'll do great! and if your seams don't match up perfectly, then we'll all know a real person sewed it. Elizabeth does a great quilt along!

  2. I love your fabric choices and can't wait to see how your quilt turns out! Maybe I'll get inspiriation and finish the one I started oh sooo many years a go!!! Proud of you!

  3. I, too, love Bliss! The designers are Bonnie & Camille, and since Camille lives locally to me, I've had a chance to meet her... and she is as sweet as her fabrics!
    Bonnie and Camille are coming out with a new line "Ruby," which goes very well with the Bliss line of fabrics, but also incorporates greys... which I love! :)
    ps - I have a Bliss layercake I've been hoarding... but I might jump in and cut into it soon! : )