Monday, June 27, 2011


Well, I'm back from my wonderful mini vacation! We drove down to Mesquite, NV on Wednesday (about a 7 hour trip), then spent Thursday in Las Vegas (just my sisters and I, mom and grandma stayed behind to hit the slots), and then cleaned my grandma's trailer home on Friday (holy BUCKETS! The woman has been a heavy smoker for her whole life and while the place was kept very clean, that stuff really sticks to everything, so much scrubbing was involved!) and drove home on Saturday! It was a whirlwind, but still some time away from home and responsibilities. Now I am pumped to get caught up with my life and back to my projects. Now, I am wasting away my time on the computer and stumbled across this Quilt Along:

(the button does not want to work here, so THIS is the link to the QAL)

It sounds like a wonderful opportunity to try out different blocks and learn different quilting styles. The way it works is like a Row Robin quilt. Back in the day, women would start with a row on their quilt, and then pass it on to another lady who would add a row, and on it went until the original lady got her quilt back. This is similar, other than you keep your original quilt the whole time, but five different quilt bloggers have designed and added their own row tutorial, one which will be revealed every Monday for five weeks!! I'm on the fence, but it seems like one I can make happen using just scraps and three yards of background fabric! How do i say no?? Anywhoo...I have lots to share with y'all later, but I'm off to get some unpacking, laundry and cleaning done. Am I the only woman who scrubs her house before going on vacation only to have it destroyed when I get home? Yeesh.
~Happy Sewing!~

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